Use personalized avatars

Available both as cloud-based SDKs or native libraries on mobile or PC,'s technology brings expressive and interactive 3D Loomie™ avatars into mobile messaging, video conferencing, games, entertainment, AR/VR, live streaming, online education, training and more. Partners can access custom 3D content including avatar accessories and 3D environments via the Loom Store deployed on the cloud.

Use cases

01 Loomie™ as Profiles

Convert your profile image into an animated and expressive 3D Loomie™

02 LoomieLive for Collaboration

Use Loomie™ avatars in your video calls with personalized 3D rooms

03 Personalized Emojis for Messaging

Use your Loomie™ to visually communicate emotions

04 Virtual Assistant / Customer Service

Loomie's can be used as the "face" to AI-powered voice assistants and chat agents; with facial expressions automatically driven from audio, can drive better emotional connection.

05 Loomie™ in Entertainment

Use loomie™ avatars in live streaming and in-game characters for self expression

06 Loomie™ in Interactive AR / VR Spaces

Immerse users into 3D interactive experiences as Loomie™ avatars in museums, festivals and creative spaces