SDK Products

3D Loomie™ avatar platform for enterprise applications

Powered by deep learning and advanced computer graphics algorithms, provides the most robust and scalable 3D avatar platform for enterprise partners and developers.'s SDKs and editor tools are available for native integration on mobile (Android, iOS) and PC (linux, OSX, Windows), or accessible on the cloud via a REST API. also provides API wrappings in Python or Go for deployment on partners' cloud backend.

Loom Avatar SDK

Create a Loomie™

An SDK for building a personalized Loomie™ from a single front-facing photograph of a user's face using deep learning. The key features include:

    •  Solve time: less than 5 secs on mobile CPU

    •  Texture: photo pixels or stylized
    •  Facial rig: FACS-style controls for face, gaze, tongue.

    •  Optional: Facial editor with manual attribute controls
    •  Optional: fully body rig with FK/IK
    •  Optional: OpenGL based renderer SDK for mobile/PC.

Loom Editor SDK

Loomie™ customization

An SDK to customize the 3D accessories that attach to a Loomie™ face or body. Features include:

    •  Accessory fitting: real-time SDK for mobile and PC
    •  Fitted elements: hair, glasses, beard, head gear, etc
    •  Additional fitting: body type, outfits
    •  Animation: Keyframe or tracking, face, body & gestures
    •  Content: Maya-based pipeline with cloud storage

Loom Mapper SDK

Animate from video and audio

An SDK for animating a FACS rig in real-time from RGB video and audio using deep learning. Features include:


    • Face detection: Mobile and PC versions

    • Face tracking: Highest quality in market

    • Specs: Facial expressions and lip sync at 60fps

    • Platforms: Mobile (Android, iOS) and PC

    • Output: Real-time animation curves on FACS rig

    • Optional: Live streaming to Unity/UE4

LoomieTalk APP

AR audio/video call

LoomieTalk™ application for video conferencing on mobile phones that mirror facial expressions and movement using expressive Loomie avatars.


    • Cross platform iOS/Android